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    • Felonious Assault -Aggravated Assault - Criminal Defense Not Guilty On All Charges

      Client was alleged to have been driving an SUV around a bend too fast resulting in a roll over. Victim alleged that Client told her he was going to kill them both right before the accident. Client stated that he was the passenger not the driver. Client and victim both suffered very serious injuries Following multiple day jury trial, Client found not guilty on all counts.

    • Tractor Trailer Accident | Wrongful Death - Personal Injury $1.8 Million Settlement
    • Felony Drug Possession & OVI - Criminal Defense Charges Dismissed

      Client charged with OVI and Felony possession of drugs. Both the OVI and felony drug charges were dismissed and client pled guilty to misdemeanor drug abuse.

    • Multiple Felony Theft & Tampering of Records - Criminal Defense Aquittal

      After a multiple day bench-trial in the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas, Defendant was acquitted of all charges contained within the sixteen-count indictment

    • Auto Accident | Soft-Tissue Back Injury - Personal Injury $125,000 Settlement

      Case settled at mediation.

    • Single Assault - Criminal Defense Not Guilty

      Client was alleged to have beat up an individual who had shown up at his niece's house despite the existence of a restraining order. Client advised Attorney that his ex girlfriend was present at the time and would attest to the fact that he was not at all involved in the altercation. Attorney tracked down witness and was able to subpoena her. Judge found Client not guilty on the basis of the testimony of ex girlfriend who testified that the fight was between victim and Client's co-defendant.

    • One of Longest Trials in County History | Murder & Other Felonies - Criminal Defense Acquittal

      Client charged with murder and other felonies. After approximately a three-month long jury trial, client was acquitted of all charges.

    • Severe Head on Motor Vehicle Collision | Broken Arm - Personal Injury $101,500 Settlement

      Client was involved in a severe front and side impact motor vehicle collision. Client suffered a broken arm that required a significant amount of orthopedic care but did not require surgical intervention. Client had permanent pain and lack of range of motion. Despite the severity of her injury, the medical bills totaled only $14,000.00

    • Golf Cart Rollover -Minor Behind Wheel | Permanent Disfigurement of Leg - Personal Injury $100,000 Settlement

      Plaintiff was a minor granddaughter riding as a passenger in a golf cart owned by grandmother. Minor and her friends were consuming alcohol provided by grandmother. Minor jerked the wheel around a bend while another minor was driving the golf cart causing it to roll over. Minor client suffered large laceration as well as abrasion to her leg. The abrasion became infected requiring tissue removal and resulting disfigurement. Grandmother has a $100,000.00 golf cart rider on her home insurance. Suit was filed against grandmother alleging wrongful entrustment and negligence. Despite issues of comparative fault, settlement was reached in the amount of the policy limits of $100,000.00.

    • Negligence by Medical Transport | Women Dumped Out of Wheelchair - Personal Injury $100,000 Settlement

      Woman was being transported via medical transport team and was dumped out wheelchair after leaving dental appointment.

    • Domestic Violence Misdemeanor - Criminal Defense Not Guilty

      Not guilty after jury trial in Youngstown Municipal Court on one count of misdemeanor domestic violence. Jury only took twenty minutes to acquit client of all charges.

    • Felony Domestic Violence - Criminal Defense Case Dismissed

      Client was accused of striking his pregnant girlfriend, charged with F5 domestic violence which requires a mandatory six-month prison term. Client advised that charge was fabrication. Attorney interviewed eyewitness and prepared affidavit. Upon presentation of evidence to prosecutor and victim's testimony, charge was dismissed at the preliminary hearing.

    • Severe Head-On Motor Vehicle Collision | Soft Tissue Injuries - Personal Injury $92,500 Settlement

      Client was in a front end motor vehicle collision with airbag deployment. Impact caused immediate complaints and bruising about her chest and stomach. Client transported by ambulance to hospital. Received treatment with multiple chiropractors and physical therapists. No broken bones. Client suffered over $20,000.00 in lost wages. Despite having prior injuries and issues with the reasonableness and necessity of medical expenses, settlement was obtained before the filing of a lawsuit.

    • Second-Offense OVI - Criminal Defense Charges Reduced

      Client charged with second offense OVI within 10 years, which carries a mandatory ten-jail sentence. Charged with reduced to Physical Control with three-day driver intervention program.

    • Medical Malpractice | Ophthalmology - Personal Injury $80,000 Settlement

      After filing lawsuit and taking depositions, case was settled one week before trial for $80,000 following deposition of Defendant’s expert witness.

    • Murder Charges Reduced to Involuntary Manslaughter - Criminal Defense Charges Reduced, 4- Year Prison Sentence

      Client charged with Murder, after plea negotiations murder charge was dismissed and the client pled guilty to a reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter and received four-year sentence.

    • OVI Reduced to Reckless Operation - Criminal Defense Charges Reduced

      Client was alleged to have been impaired for taking prescription medication. After filing a motion to suppress and motion to disclose expert report, the charged was reduced to a misdemeanor for reckless operation.

    • Felony Gun Charge in Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas - Criminal Defense Charge Dismissed

      Filed motion to suppress that the Judge granted following an evidentiary hearing and the filing of the supplemental memorandum in support. All charges were dismissed.

    • OVI - Criminal Defense Charge Dismissed

      Filed Motion to Suppress that the Judge granted after an evidentiary hearing. OVI charged dismissed in the Youngstown Municipal Court.

    • OVI Reduced to Physical Control - Criminal Defense Charges Reduced

      Ohio State student charged with OVI in Columbus, after filing a motion to suppress, numerous hearings and extensive pre-trial negotiations, charge was amended to physical control.

    • Teenager Accused of Sexual Offense - Criminal Defense Charges Reduced

      Prosecution reduced charges to misdemeanor immediately following cross-examination of victim during trial. Charge was amended to misdemeanor offense not requiring client to register as sex offender.